We are a dedicated team committed to combining our journalistic, academic, technical and investigative analytical skills and experience, to seek out the truth and advise the public of our findings.

We are passionate about our work and consider it a privilege to be able to make a small contribution to the significant debates that will undoubtedly unfold in coming years. There are many challenges facing contemporary families around the world at present, as they confront some intolerable practices, often irreconcilable with their fundamental human rights. Our objective is to help stimulate the necessary discourse that must ultimately chart a path to a better outcome.

While generally neglected in the media, the often irrational treatment of family matters worldwide, is of paramount importance to large sections of the community. It is hoped the information we present in our documentaries and reports, will help provide a clearer picture of what may be required, in order to establish an essential platform of social justice and equality, to which the world's families are emphatically entitled.

The Team