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Our in-depth investigations and reports reveal a window on the world of the contemporary family, to help you understand what lies behind many of the headlines. You'll hear tales of ordinary and extraordinary lives and perspectives, and how they impact on the way ideas, perceptions and culture intersect to influence public opinion and policy creation. We also explore social attitudes, as they are generally a lens to understanding a community's sense of fairness. Particularly, since a perceived lack of fairness may suggest a need exists to either change policy, or to make the rationale behind it more transparent, equitable and workable, for the common good of society.    

FAMILY BRIEFING documentaries and reports, seek to engage the public on issues of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy, equitable society, by providing citizens - local and global - with critical, factual and actionable information that impacts their lives. By engaging the foremost experts and commentators from around the world, we are able to present you with penetrating insights from a range of perspectives, at times in order to shine a light on the exploitation of the weak by the strong, and occasionally where necessary, on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.  

FAMILY BRIEFING documentaries and reports, endeavour to bridge the gap between many community misconceptions and the truth, by transcending the frequently difficult barriers of political, religious, gender, racial, cultural, national and international prejudices.

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A Sense of Place Publishing brings to concerned citizens, policy makers and law reformers Children of the State: Stolen for Profit a devastating compilation of statistics and analyses of failed family and child protection systems. The book, 12 years in the making, sets out to change the discourse on child protection, and succeeds.

Contrary to widespread public misconception, every child today is at risk of being deprived of the protection of their biological family. Any concerned mother, father, grandparent or any adult who was separated from a parent as a child and denied their protection therefore, would be well advized to  learn of their vulnerability to those who are/were prepared to exploit immoral policies for their own personal benefit. Learn how any perceived legal rights to the protection of their own family, something that everybody incorrectly assumes parents and children are legally entitled to, are in fact non-existent. 

Children of the State: Stolen for Profit, provides a detailed account of the consequences of morally indefensible global family and child protection laws and practices. The catastrophic consequences of those policies can now be seen  across the Western world. The book draws attention to the states’ supreme power of authority over the nations’ children, and how this power has been used to create a global industry that is engaged in the 'redistribution of stolen children for profit.'  Contemporarily legitimized some 40 years ago, the failure to better scrutinize these political and institutional doctrines is costing unsuspecting taxpayers more than they spend on their annual defence budgets and has accumulated to now directly impact more than 25% of the civilian population of most nation states. Children of the State: Stolen for Profit, leaves no stones unturned as it prudently explores urgently needed viable alternatives for those without a voice.  



'Children of the State' is an investigative report comprised of a body of work that encompasses a collection of briefing papers, which, together with a 64 minute audio podcast, shines a light on the grim reality of what actually happens to children and their families, in the event of family breakdown. It also coincides with the 40th anniversary of the introduction of contemporary family and child protection laws and practices, and for the first time, reveals how and why most governments fail to adequately prevent the large-scale removal of children from the protection of their families. Government supported child removals didn't end in 1975, instead, they have continued under a different banner, which has provided legitimacy to the practice and eventually allowed it to spread to the successful targeting of the whole of the civilian population. Often referred to as 'the biggest sleeper issue of our time', history may well prove that right!

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Forming an important part of the report, we also provide 64 minutes of an audio podcast in four parts, which compliments the information contained in the documentation and includes the voices of a number of now adult victim children, who speak about their experiences at the hands of those entrusted with their primary care. The facts we present, clearly illustrate how for the past 40 years, the community and those elected to represent them, with some notable exceptions, have been either blissfully unaware or willfully blind, to the brutal impact and scale of the child removal policies and practices of our time.           

'Children of the State'  (MP3)        Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 


Contrary to popular belief, most governments have never stopped removing children from their families. Our investigations have discovered that since 1975, the redistribution of children for profit has become such big business, that taxpayer funded costs to national governments, have now blown out to costing more each year than most spend on the whole of their annual defence budgets. In other words we spend more on waging war against ourselves, than we spend on defence against external threats. The effect of the past 40 years of contemporary child removal practices, has accumulated into one in four of the civilian population having been denied the protection of their biological families. The devastating short and long term consequences of these policies and practices on the health of our communities, continues to be ignored by those with the power of authority. 

Click image to enlarge, and this link for a breakdown of costs and the numbers negatively impacted:     'One in Four of Us'


Our collective blindness to the stark realities of the past 40 years, has allowed global child removal rates to soar to unprecedented levels. How is this possible in an age of such perceived enlightenment? Possibly it has something to do with a general lack of transparency, coupled with community readiness to accept as fact, the mountain of half-truths and misinformation that underpins so much of the debate around this issue. While there is often some element of truth in the information provided, it is that which is withheld,  which also needs to be heard and considered as part of the discourse. Without the conveniently missing  information, the debate takes place in a kind of magic pudding world of distorted reality, which will never lead to sound policy outcomes. With this report, we expose a number of important but hitherto missing facts and figures that will have to be taken into account and addressed, before the current large scale removal of children from the protection of their families can even begin to be reined in. 

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''Protective Contact' defines the minimum amount of face-to-face physical interaction necessary, in order to effectively safeguard against potential abuse and/or neglect, being inflicted by the keepers of those held confined. 'Protective Contact' is particularly important in the event of relationship breakdown when minor children are involved. Unfortunately, current laws and practices place far too many children into the custody of a single keeper. This is considered extremely important, since government records indicate, that in most cases this leads to the near total exclusion of extended biological family members. Especially, when in fact these are the very people who are most likely to be highly motivated to provide ongoing protection for any close biological kinship children at risk of harm.

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One of the greatest difficulties facing the community and their elected political leadership when dealing with devastating child removal issues, has been the question of how to successfully explain the many complexities and flaws of the family and child protection legislation and clarify the tangled interconnectedness of the networks administering that legislation. A largely uninformed and skeptical public and media, left to function within a distorted sense of reality, has caused millions of people around the globe who thought it could never happen to them, to discover far too late, how easy it was to become ensnared in those networks and lose everything dear to them. In order to make some sense of the who, what, where, when, why and how of it all, we set ourselves the challenge of how best to illustrate the whole complex and integrated system on paper, in an easy to understand format. The attached three page 'child removal flowchart' is the resulting outcome.

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The importance of setting credible benchmarks should not be underestimated, after all, without a benchmark it is impossible to accurately measure the success or failure of policies. The data against which the results of benchmark settings can be measured, must also be collected. In order to ensure the next generation is well equiped to provide and care for itself, it does not seem unreasonable to assume that  most governments would set such benchmarks and collect such important data on the wellbeing of a nation's children and their families. But not so, it seems! In order to measure the protection of children, we created and used the 'Protective Contact' sleep-over definition as a benchmark, and set off to find out who measures what. Turns out Australia is the only country who regularly measures children's sleep-overs at a national level. Australia's ABS has collected such data since 1982 and reports the results as percentages of a total number of children. But since no-one had recognized the importance previously, we decided to convert those percentages into numbers and then applied the 'Protective Contact' definition as a benchmark. Now take a look at what  happens to the likelihood of family protection, for those children who have one of their parents living elsewhere!

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The main focus of this report is to introduce a number of important new factors, which may need to be taken into account and considered as part of any genuine attempts to stamp out contemporary child removal practices. Were such attempts to arrive at an equitable outcome, innovative new child protection reforms will also have to be agreed upon. Such reforms will need to abandon the current divisive and hostile focus on 'Men's/Father's Rights' and/or 'Women's/Mother's Rights' and instead focus on the inherent right of every child to the love and protection of both parents and their extended families.

As part of this report, which is highly critical of current child removal practices, we also saw it as our duty towards those who do not have a voice, to submit a workable child protection reform proposal, which is based on our many years of evidence based research into these matters. Accordingly, we present the outcome of our collective considerations, and hope that it will be taken into account and play a small part in the difficult search ahead for genuine, workable new child protection legislation. We are all responsible for what happens next, and need to realize that we are raising the next generation and will be held accountable. Especially so, if we fail to acknowledge their plight and our obligation to relieve their burden, by refusing to call for an immediate halt to current large-scale child removal practices.                                  

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We considered it of the utmost importance, that the report we produced would be presented in an easy to follow format. We also recognize the importance of the need to source the information, and have done everything possible to do so efficiently wherever possible. A number of the sources provided, obviously link back to the outcome of our own investigations. The likely reason being, that prior to this report such information may either not have been available in an easy to follow format elsewhere, could not be obtained under the freedom of information act, or such research has simply never been available before.  We certainly welcome any updates if/or when they become available. 

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When leading politicians and award winning journalists invite the public to be courageous and alert them to uncomfortable truths, suggesting they would respond by introducing such information into our parliaments and media, we accepted that challenge and produced this report. 'Children of the State' is an investigative report which provides such uncomfortable truths, and we now appeal to our media and elected representatives, to act responsibly and respond positively to their own challenge. They must now begin to ask the difficult but necessary questions,  that will ultimately lead a path to ending the tragic consequences of child removal, faced daily by so many of the world's families and children. 

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Welcome to the home of  "INTERPAAL". We are a dedicated International Parents Alliance, who for the past 3 years have been committed to developing an effective practical solution, designed to help bring to an end the crisis in international family law. This gratuitous human rights crisis, is now responsible for the world's largest state sponsored destruction of parent/child relationships catastrophe, in human history.